We are Recruitment 4 Healthcare (R4H), a brand of PVE UK. We are one of the first company in UK that has introduced a centralised Artificial Intelligence based healthcare recruitment program. We specialised in recruiting medical staffs like HCA, Nurses, Care Managers etc for both temporary and permanent roles in healthcare.

How We Help

It takes months for a carer to complete a recruitment process, and it’s not a secret that a carer works with multiple agencies or provides support to multiple care homes and hospitals. Each recruitment process takes months to complete and each service following a different recruitment process makes it worse.

Recruitment Healthcare

Current Vacancies

  • Job Title: HCA/Carer
  • Location: Chelmsford
  • Hourly Rates: £10-£18
  • Job Title: HCA/Carer
  • Location: Ipswich
  • Hourly Rates: £10-£15
  • Job Title: HCA/Carer
  • Location: Cambridge
  • Hourly Rates: £10-£18
  • Job Title: HCA/Carer
  • Location: Peterborough
  • Hourly Rates: £10-£15

How do we do it?

Fundamentally, any healthcare’s recruitment process is the same. Each process involves filling in an application form along with DBS consent, carer’s skills, and the health assessment form. A carer also needs to provide DBS, references, and eight mandatory training (at least). Some of it can be centralised so that a carer doesn’t need to do it again. E.g., all forms, no matter which services, requires a carer’s information about his experience, employment history, next of kin information, etc. Once it is filled in, we can use the same information again. Not only that, a carer should not provide the documents like passport, birth certificate, driver license, address proof, NIN proof, training certificates, references. All of this info can be stored in secured cloud and can be used with just a click thus making the whole process 4 times quicker.

We use a smart tool called Healthcare Recruitment App along with AI components called Auto Form Filler and Document Validator to achieve it.

How we do it

Auto Form Filler (AFF)

The tool extracts information from all the documents that a carer provides and uses this information to fill up all the forms required by a service. A carer just needs to check the pre-filled form data and provide missing information to submit the forms. The submitted information is saved securely to use it for multiple services.

Recruitment 4 Healthcare (R4H) Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

We require our recruitment process to be done once. Our tools reuse a user’s information, documents, references, and training certificates to reduce cost and time for both carers and services.

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