Our Care Home Recruitment services aims to provide a comprehensive recruitment solutions to care homes, nursing homes and GP surgeries to have a well worked recruitment process that can help them to solve their staffing challenges and to reduce the cost of staffing through agencies or locums.  

Our Aim

  1. Provide a smooth recruitment for both temp and permanent staff
  2. Best and timely services for client’s residents
  3. Reduce agency staffing cost.
  4. Compliance as per client’s guidelines
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Care Home Recruitment Services

Emergency covers

Most of our clients need agency staffing from time to time and sometimes they are in desperate need to fill a shift. On these desperate times we help our clients to fill the shifts. So, if you need emergency care it’s likely that one of our trusted carers can help.

Call us if you need Support Works or HCAs in a hurry. We can arrange for care to start in as little as 2 hours of you getting in touch. In times of crisis, we can often turn things around even more quickly.

We’re available day and night to take your call. With 7 years’ experience in supporting people of all ages and conditions, our private carers are fully trained in supporting a variety of complex needs.

Managed Services

R4H managed service team is healthcare industry experts that are dedicated to help you to grow your business and to ensure first class experience to your customers/candidates. By utilizing the cutting-edge automation and AI technologies, our experts aim to act like your own in-house team by putting your best interests at the heart of everything they do.

R4H team will take ownership of your daily activities so that you and your staff can thrive towards developing business critical strategies and achieving holistic organizational goals.

Our aim is to become your trusted partner by providing you with customized solutions that will cater your organizational needs and ensure successful business outcomes. Our team’s vast experience will be invaluable, and we will ensure that our solutions echo your business values.

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Temp to Perm

This is our unique service that ensure that you get the best candidates and only make a hiring after you find a candidate best fit to your care settings with right attitude towards their work. Try before you hire, refers to a hiring process where a candidate is given a temporary position to see if they are a good fit for the company before being offered a permanent position.

Referral’s Scheme

Referral schemes are commonly implemented in the majority of care and nursing homes. Our goal is to identify appropriate candidates based on their specific needs and then determine their pricing in accordance with the referral program.

Current Scenario

Care home recruitment in the UK has been a challenge in recent years due to the high demand for care services and staff shortage. This has led to high turnover rates and a challenge to retain staff in many care homes.

To address the care home recruitment challenges, some care homes in the UK have started offering competitive salaries and benefits, as well as improved training and development opportunities for their staff. They have also started using new recruitment methods, such as online job postings and social media campaigns, to reach a wider pool of potential candidates. But care homes are not a specialised recruitment entity and the word load on each staff member is so huge that the recruitment generally takes the back seat. We at Recruitment 4 Healthcare takes your recruitment worries so that you spend less on staffing from agencies.

Challenges faced by Care/Nursing homes

  1. Competition for staff: There is a high demand for care workers, and care homes are competing with other employers in the health and social care sector for a limited pool of candidates.
  2. Shortage of workers: There is a nationwide shortage of qualified and experienced care workers, which makes it difficult for care homes to recruit and retain staff.
  3. Low pay and poor working conditions: Many care workers earn low wages and work long hours, which can deter people from entering the profession.
  4. Lack of flexible working arrangements: Care work can be physically and emotionally demanding, and many care homes are unable to offer flexible working arrangements, such as part-time or flexible hours, which can make it difficult for care workers to balance their work with other responsibilities.
  5. Difficulty in attracting young workers: Many young people are not aware of the career opportunities in care work, and the sector is seen as less attractive than other industries.
  6. Lack of training and development opportunities: Many care workers receive little or no training, which can impact their confidence and ability to provide high-quality care.
  7. Attraction to alternative careers: The number of people pursuing alternative careers, such as nursing and teaching, has increased, which has reduced the pool of available care workers.