Our trained & vetted beauticians, with care experience, provide a variety of bespoke beauty treatments to meet the specific needs of our clients, all in the comfort of their preferred location. This ensures that the experience is not only convenient but also relaxing.

Manicures and Pedicure IMG

Manicures and Pedicure

We provide a deep clean for nails as well as filing; shaping & polishing which ensures clients nails look and feel great. 

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Hair Removal

This treatment has proven to give clients an increased feeling of cleanliness & are beneficial for personal hygiene. Clients can choose from a range of treatments suited for them, from waxing, threading, shaving, and trimming.

We do: Upper Lip Wax | Chin Wax | Half Leg | Full Leg | Underarm

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How we do it

Book an appointment with us

Once appointments have been arranged with clients, it would have been explained what we need:

  • A face to face 15 minute consultation before any treatment can commence. Some clients can be treated on the day but after the following completed & established;
  • A questionnaire containing vital information as to the person’s medical history and any allergies would be completed for assessment on the first consultation (can be emailed before hand&keyworkers or care staff can complete form). 
  • If clients suffer from Epilepsy they need the GP’s approval before the waxing service
  • An assessment on the day will be made if the care home prefers staff present during treatment & if a person needs moving handling x2 people. 

In the consultation you will know as a beautician how the client communicates, any disabilities needing treatment to be improvised. If clients are having hair removal treatment it would be in the privacy of their room. 

  • Assess what you would need from the home or care home for example an extension lead for your wax electrical equipment.
  •  Set up your workspace to make it a safe and relaxing experience for clients. Aids to be used could be playing music, closing curtains and putting  paper on the bed to not get wax on their sheets.
  • How do they communicate? We can print our own makeup cards to communicate better with a client eg, Yes; No; Stop; Good; Relax or Upset. 

Important completing a body chart with every treatment as any irregularities, new sores/scars will be on their as proof of the person’s condition or skin before we treated them. Furthermore, if relevant, you can date and report any scars (waxing can cause bruising with some people for example if they take aspirin) after treatment was completed by a beautician.

Wax takes 20-30 minutes to warm up so other treatments which do not involve waxing can be completed in this time. There are hot and warm wax we can use, hot wax kinder for the facial area and under arms but most clients do not like the feeling of hot wax. This is why all the information in consultation will let the beautician decide which treatment is better suited for the client.

If it’s a big care home and we have block bookings for manicures, the home would need to have a room we can use when we are on site. Basic Manicures should take  30 minutes and include filing , soaking,  pushing cuticles back , buffing & polish with a mini hand massage. Pedicures should take 45 minutes.

Future Bookings:

Schedule the next appointments for waxing within 4 weeks before leaving the client’s residence. For manicures & pedicures schedule appointments within 3 weeks to keep the nails and cuticles in the best shape.

If clients suffer from Epilepsy they need the GP’s approval before the waxing service.If clients prefer to shave then need to have their own electrical shaver, also check that all equipment is clean before treating clients and follow health and safety in care training and in beauty when giving beauty treatments.